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A fun acronym to remind you Typical insurance carried by an Architect: [per Article 2.5 of the B101 - 2007 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect] P rofessional […]


Barrier-free design facts and ADA basics

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Facts the American Disabilities Act (ADA) became a federal law in 1990 the American Disabilities Act requires that all commercial and public accommoda ...


[VIDEOS] Typical Testing Standards used when writing performance based specifications

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Testing Standards   Construction assembly tests: ASTM E119 “These test methods are intended to evaluate the duration for which the types of ...


What is the latch approach in terms of ADA toilet stall layout?

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This post was inspired by @ADADesignGirl We were studying the ADAAG and the text referred to “latch approach” and rather than let our ego ...

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    Hazardous materials found on-site | Now what?
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    Here is a presentation by David Sinclair speaking about the “Redevelopment of Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia, USA”. Topics include: The CSH Campus – History and Layout, The Walker Building, Hazardous Mat ...

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    4 Compensation Methods in the B101
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    How do I evaluate which compensation method to utilize? Determine whether you as the Architect, are being fairly compensated for the work required Ensure that the amount be asked for, […]

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    Supplementary Conditions and What they entail
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    Who is responsible for drafting or preparing the Supplementary Conditions or modifications? Owner Owners’ Legal Counsel Ownwers’ Insurance Counsel Supplementary Conditions encompass the following: Basic legal rights and responsi ...

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    The Code official and their Authority
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    What does a code official have the authority to enforce? A code official can enforce model codes and standards that are adopted by the local community government the Life Safety […]