Best Lighting for Clothing Stores

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Clothing stores are essential in today’s society now that very few people make clothes for themselves and their immediate family. And with that malls and retail stores are essential for those wanting protection from the elements and who want to make a fashion statement.

What this means to you as the designer is that when you layout a clothing store it needs to sell the clothes without the aid of a floor person or sales associate.

How do you do this?

Well selling clothes can be easier when the lighting is correct. We cruised around at the purseforum and found an interesting post conversation about the ills of poor lighting in stores

“Someone mentioned the poor lighting, and that has been a beef of mine for some time. I have sallow skin-tone, and the lighting in many stores makes me look positively ill. How can I tell if anything works on me if I look ill no matter what? So I end up buying nothing, and taking my business elsewhere.”

“A cute little story I had to share: One time my Dad and I were shopping and we went into Hollister- As soon as he walks in, he goes “Why is it so dark in here- **looks at the price tag on a shirt**, so you can’t see the price?”! And the day we went in, it was rainy/windy out, but all of the employees were dressed in skirts and flip flops- he thought that was pretty funny too. And then he was looking at the jeans, and he goes “Whats the difference between vintage wash and strech?”!!”

“Hollister is HORRIBLE!! It is sooo dark in there, half the time you don’t know if you are buying a black or navy shirt! I went in once and never went in again, it sucks there! “

Now that you have read the comments, it seems that aside from the selling of clothes, the lighting in the dressing rooms can encourage a potential customer to leave.

Well here is the solution for achieving the best lighting in a clothing store.

Color Rendering of Clothing


The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi; Image Credit Architecture-View

Use of limited natural daylight provides the best color rendering possible for clothes ; the only hindrance is that the ultraviolet rays of the beautiful sun tend to fade clothes over time

Overall Illumination


Visual Example of Warm White Fluorescent Light: Image Credit: LEDLight

For your general illumination of a store, utilize a warm white fluorescent lighting system or deluxe lamps; Plus this lighting system type is also an energy saver

Selling Jewelry and Clothing


Tungsten Halogen Lighting

To give jewelry that extra sparkle and gleam and unique clothing the proper attention, make use of tungsten halogen lamps



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