Architect’s Supplemental Instruction (ASI) – G710 – Governed by A201

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Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (ASI) are used to resolve minor issues in the construction documents so long as they do not affect contract time or money.

The actual verbiage is located in the A201 – General Conditions of the Contract for Construction.

Article 7.4 – Minor Changes to Work found in the AIA-A201 – General Conditions of the Contract for Construction

The actual form for the issuance of the Architect’s Supplemental Instructions is on the G710.

G710 – Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (click to enlarge)

When to Issue an Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (ASI)

Discrepancies between drawings, specifications, or addenda

Relocation of Materials (such as fixtures, casework, so forth and so on)

Revising Items already listed in the contract documents before the receipt of bids (such as paint color selections from a price group already listed in the specifications )

Interesting composition we found and decided to improve upon (click to enlarge)

We found the original composition at “Real Architect Ramblings”

We also found an article about Architect’s Supplemental Instructions and Change Orders at Design Cost Data also.

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