May 20, 2013, Comments Off on Chilled Beams

What is a chilled beam you ask? A ceiling-mounted unit that uses water to provide cooling and heating. Are there different types of chilled beams? Yes, two. Active and Passive […]

May 17, 2013, Comments Off on Is your building making you sick? Literally.

When it comes to sick buildings with poor air quality there are 3 degrees of sickness. 1. SBS – Sick Building Syndrome 2. BRI – Building Related Illness 3. MCS […]

Home Designing for Daylight bangalore, Karnataka tipu sultan palace facade 7
April 30, 2013, Comments Off on Home Designing with Daylight

If you are fortunate enough to ever have a hand in designing your own home, make sure to incorporate daylight. Why should I incorporate daylight into my homes interior design? […]

April 25, 2013, Comments Off on The Importance of Building Shape in your Design

The shape of a building plays a strong role in its energy efficiency and its visual impact on its surroundings. We will speak towards energy efficiency as visual impact is […]

April 23, 2013, Comments Off on [LEED VIDEO] Building Commissioning and Building Systems

What is Building Commissioning? Building Commissioning is a broad form of TAB or Traditional Adjusting and Balancing performed on buildings’ mechanical systems. Generally speaking, Building Commissioning is the process of inspecting, […]

April 22, 2013, Comments Off on Energy consumption and HVAC systems

60% HVAC Systems devour up to 60% of the overall energy consumed in a building (from this fact alone we should all endeavour to place passive sustainability into our designs […]

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Clarence (Not Tyler) Perry and Neighborhoods #1929 #PPP

September 16, 2013, Comments Off on Clarence (Not Tyler) Perry and Neighborhoods #1929 #PPP

What is a neighborhood? A residential area composed of people with similar day-to-day activities, social interests, etc.; Neighborhoods exist within ...

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Quick Q & A on Catchment Areas #PPP

September 16, 2013, Comments Off on Quick Q & A on Catchment Areas #PPP

What is a catchment Area? The accessible population for a potential project site, which among other variables informs a developer as to whether or not ...


Soil Types (Best to Worst)

September 14, 2013, Comments Off on Soil Types (Best to Worst)

Bedrock has the highest bearing capacity (thanks to Tim Carter at for showing us how a residence is built on a foundation of be ...

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